Odoo 14 Features

We are very excited to know what features Odoo is planning to implement in Odoo 14.In this blog we are going to discuss the newest features and modules which Odoo already introduced in Odoo 14.We can access and test Odoo 14 community and enterprise edition through master branch of runbot.

First of all we can list out the features one by one which are newly introduced in version 14.

Data Cleaning Module

Data Cleaning is a new module introduced in Odoo 14.This module will easily format text data across multiple records and find duplicate records and easily merge them.There is also an option for creating multiple rules for the cleaning purpose.Data cleaning is available only in the Enterprise edition.

Owl JavaScript Framework

Owl is a new JavaScript framework which Odoo brings in Odoo 14.It is described as A web framework for structured, dynamic and maintainable applications.

Key Highlights of Owl are

  1. Standalone framework

  2. Declarative component system

  3. Class based

  4. Based on Qweb engine

  5. 3x faster than odoo widgets

  6. About same as React/Vue

  7. Templates compiled in browser

  8. No tool chain required

For more reference https://github.com/odoo/owl

Emoji Widgets

In Odoo 14 we can now add as much emoji along with a text field. For that we have to add like below

<field name="note" widget="text_emojis">

And the corresponding result will be


Password Strength Checker

There is a password checker bar available during a new portal user signup for his account in Odoo 14 website.There by the user can ensure the security of his account.

Access to Record rules and Access rights

Now one can easily view the record rules and accessrights any models from its own view by activating the developer mode.

Chat with other user from tree view

Now you can chat with other user from the tree view it self by just clicking on their display picture

Schedule activity from the tree view

Now we can schedule and view activities for each records from the tree of each model itself

Purchase Dashboard

A Dashboard feature for purchase module is introduced in Odoo 14.

Diagrammatic representation of routes 

Odoo introduced a diagrammatic representation of inventory routes for each products.Now we can see visualization of routes for products and also we can print the diagram as a pdf.

And then we have the diagrammatic view

Easy access to documentations

We can now understand easily what is the use of each field placed in the settings of each module.

By clicking on the ‘?’ icon near the field we will redirect to the corresponding documentation of that field.

Website Snippets

Odoo Introduced some awesome website snippets in Odoo 14.

  1. Number

  2. Masonry

  3. Product List

  4. Timeline

  5. Steps

  6. Progress bar

  7. Chart

  8. Pop-Up

  9. Big Boxes

  10. Countdown

  11. Product Catalog

You can access and test Odoo 14 by using below Link


You can test both Community and Enterprise editions.


  1. Hi, Thanks for this great article, it covers most of the new features of Odoo 14, I have found another piece of article on Odoo 14 Roadmap and new features that might be helpful.


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